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All information on this site is for personal entertainment only. DreamChaser Dreams (or any of its agents) does not hold any licenses or credentials in any medical field and should not be perceived as a professional authority on dreams or anything medically or clinically related. Interpretation is purely a matter of opinion and should be treated as such. DreamChaser Dreams (or any of its agents) shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or harm arising from the use of any content on this site, regardless of the accuracy or completeness of the content. This site does not act as a replacement for mental or psychological counselling and all users are encouraged to think for themselves and keep an open mind. If you choose to act based upon advice/ opinions given in readings, you choose to do so by free will and agree that DreamChaser Dreams (or any of its agents) will not be held liable. DreamChaser Dreams (or any of its agents) is not liable for any content linked to or from this site. By using the dream reading service, and visiting this site, you agree to and understand the terms and conditions laid out in this disclaimer.